Calvary Chapel in Germany

In the late 1980s a homegroup in Siegen was started, from which the first Calvary Chapel in Germany was born. Early examples of growth of the movement in Germany included the Koinonia fellowship in Hanover, which affiliated with the Calvary movement as well as a house group in Freiburg, which grew into a large fellowship.
Today, from Hannover to Munich, and from Berlin to Freiburg, there is a growing number of established Calvary Chapel churches and a number of prayer and Bible study groups. You can find a partial overview* of our fellowships at this website:


Calvary Chapel around the world
Today there are churches and fellowships from our movement on every continent. A partial overview can be found on the international page of the following website:

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California

This is the original church fellowship, sometimes called the "mother ship" or "Big Calvary", which was pastored by Chuck Smith beginning in the mid-1960s. At the end of the decade, during the era of the "flower power" movement many young people were searching for orientation and meaning in life—and weren't finding it in drugs and the hippie existence. Pastor Chuck opened the doors of this small church to these truth seekers. These young people discovered a foundation for their lives in Jesus Christ. The result was Calvary Chapel. Today there are over 1500 churches and fellowships around the world.

Costa Mesa

A few selected examples:

CC Siegen, Germany
CC Bible College Europe (Vaita, Hungary)
CC Tel Aviv, Israel
CC Westminster, London (UK)

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